Current Title Holders

Information about current title holders.


Mid-Atlantic LeatherWoman 2018 – Amy “Foxxy” Phillips

Amy (also known as LeatherFox or Ms Pomegranate) is a lifestyle Domme, Leathergirl, seasoned social media professional, blogger, and advocate for sex-positive lifestyles.With over a decade of experience in social media and professional content creation and management, she has been published nationally for her thoughts on polyamory, and her journey of creating a supportive, sex-positive family environment. Her experience as the mother of an LGBT teen along with the problems she witnessed in the kink communities inspired her to start the website The Black Pomegranate, recognized by for its sex and BDSM content. Amy has presented at Woodhull, Dark Odyssey, Catalyst Con, A Touch of Flavor, The Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza and Bmore Proud 2015. She lives in Baltimore with two teenagers and three cats.

Mid-Atlantic LeatherWoman BootBlack 2018 – Bumper Bootblack

Bumper is a bootblack and a co-leader of The Hampton Roads Bootblacks, a group designed to practice the skill of bootblacking and give the service some much needed exposure. Bumper is the current Mid-Atlantic Leatherwoman Bootblack 2018. She is committing her title year to educating the Mid-Atlantic region about bootblacking as a service and how we “preserve your leather and preserve your history”. Bumper is also a submissive to her love and amazing woman, Maam Karen. Bumper excels in service topping for needle play, staples and microbranding and recently has become a regional presenter of Needle Play. She is a member of LLICKS Leather family, whose focus is education, community and service. Her family follows the tenants of THIRD (Trust, Honor, Integrity, Respect, Discipline). She is a member of Virginia Leatherwomen United. VLU is a safe space for all self-identified women to get together and enjoy female energy. She is also the Mid-Atlantic Spokesperson for Soles With Heart, a program within The Leather Heart Foundation.

Bumper has been active in her community for 5 years. She is a moderator and “in service” to The Crossroads Newbie Group, located in Southeast Virginia. She is heavily involved in community service in her area and has volunteered to help with various fundraising events locally and regionally. She bootblacks for many local and regional events, as blacking is her passion. Bumper’s current charity efforts are The Leather Heart Foundation/Soles With Heart, GLCCB, MAD-IF and her local LGBTQ center